Hydromer proudly presents our PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and Polyketone coating system.  

Both PEEK and other Polyketone devices are coated as follows:

Primer: 2-TS-96 which is our solvent based proprietary formulation.
Hydromer: 3-TS-12(E) patented (#7008979USA and International) aqueous based hydrophilic formula.
Cured:   140F for 12 hours or less.

If would be our pleasure to sample coat between 10 to 20 samples
of your PEEK or Polyketone devices.

Friction/Durability date graphs (click to load PDF file)

Biocompatibility data (please click to load PDF file)

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement  (please click to load DOC file)

Please contact:
Martin von Dyck
Executive Vice President
35 Industrial Parkway
Branchburg, NJ 08876 ,USA
Tel: 908-722-5000
e-mail: mcdyck@hydromer.com