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Hydromer proudly presents our
Polyethlyene (HDPE & LDPE) coating system.

Both HDPE and LDPE devices are coated as follows:

Primer: 5-TS-72P which is our proprietary primer formulation.
Hydromer: 6-TS-51 proprietary hydrophilic formula.
Cured:   60C for 12 hours or less.  (12 hours provides best durability)

If would be our pleasure to sample coat between 10 to 20 samples
of your HDPE or LDPE devices free of charge.

Friction/Durability date graphs (click to load PDF file)

Biocompatibility data (please click to load PDF file)

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement  (please click to load DOC file)

Please contact:

Manager - Medical Coatings

35 Industrial Parkway
Branchburg, NJ 08876 ,USA
Tel: 908-722-5000
e-mail: sales@hydromer.com