Hydromer DualityTM  EF50L
Non-Leaching Biofilm Resistant/thrombo-resistant and lubricious coating system.

US FDA MAF-1752 & CE Approved by Clients in the EU

This is a non-eluting (non-leaching) coating system.
In many cases the coating can be applied with a simple dipping process! 

Designed for application on CVC, Dialysis and other vascular access devices,
the Hydromer Duality EF50L is a single step coating system
when applied to polyurethane catheters.

Other materials, such as Pebax and Silicone will require a Hydromer primer prior to
the application of the Hydromer Duality EF50L

Hydromer Duality EF50L can be applied on exterior surfaces and
in lumens!

If would be our pleasure to sample coat between 10 to 25 samples
of your devices free of charge.  (For basic catheter types only.)

Complicated catheters or those made of materials other than polyurethane and small fee maybe required.

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  Medical Coatings Dept.
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Branchburg, NJ 08876 ,USA
Tel: 908-722-5000
e-mail: Sales@hydromer.com