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We are actively engaged in the fight against COVID-19 by manufacturing various hand sanitizers and making them available, under our Hydromer® brand or privately labeled under your brand, to ensure getting hand sanitizers to end users in the fastest way possible, during the current extreme demand and short supply of those critical products.

We have commercially available, a variety of our sanitizer solutions, including:

  • A US FDA & World Health Organization-mandated “alcohol-based” sanitizer version, which is widely needed across the entire spectrum of healthcare, safety, first response and many other critical functions. Hydromer’s Superior alcohol-based hand sanitizers for personal and public use can be distributed to a variety of industries. Our alcohol-based formulations include Isopropyl and ethyl varieties.
    •  Benefits:
      • FDA and WHO regulated formulation
      • Kills viruses and bacteria that may cause illnesses
      • Quick and Effective
      • Manufactured with our medical industry expertise


  • Hydromer is also offering its patented “non-alcohol”, plant-based sanitizing and cleaning product line that can provide many benefits over the traditional alcohol-based products.
    • Benefits include:
      • All natural formulation
      • Safe on skin
      • kills a wide variety of bacteria and viruses that may cause illnesses
      • Effective longer than alcohol-based


During the current epidemic and COVID-19 outbreak and beyond for your future needs, we are committed to working with private and public sector entities, including various State and Local government organizations to supply first responders and essential workers with critically needed, sanitizing products.

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